2018 Review

A year at a glance

2018 was a great year in the neighborhood. We crossed over into 2000 users in the spring and then 3000 users in the fall during 2018. We celebrated a one year anniversary for the server and one year of Neighbor Of the Week Contests. The folllowing stats and quotes were collected to demonstrate our 2018 year at a glance.

What was said in 2018

"love you"


"shut up"





Blade talking about his "gun"





Starboard Messages

Starboard was added in 2018 and has been a big hit. Take some time to scroll through it to get a good perspective on 2018 taken completely out of context.

Banned Users

Our staff works diligently to protect our community from baddies and trolls. We go out of our way to give people the opportunity to redeem themselves, but despite those efforts, there are many out there with evil intent and and we have to drop the ban hammer regularly.


We end the year with 3,200 users, 216 regular active Neighbors, 145 Friendly Neighbors, and 69 Beloved Neighbors.