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The Eurovision Song Contest is a competition between 43 countries mostly in Europe (but often with guest countries outside of Europe) in which countries select an musical artist to show off their country’s talent, culture and uniqueness as well as what we all have in common. It was created after world war 2, in part, as a way to bring countries closer together and re-humanise their perceptions of each other.

It’s usually a lot of cheese and a lot of fun, with famous artist getting their careers a kick start, such as ABBA or Alexander Rybak. It has also featured some interesting artist’s such as Ukraine’s Verka Serduchka or Finland’s Lordi as well as in my opinion some pretty terrible failures-as-artists like LT United from Lithuania, who’s song “We are the winners (of Eurovision)” didn’t win Eurovision.

We will be hosting a stream, were we will all join my room on and watch together. So grab a few drinks (if you’re old enough), hop into the chat, and join us for some cheesy music and a running commentary from your friends in the neighbourhood.