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Step One

Copy and paste the following image and code into your partners or server list section of your server.

For social Media accounts and YouTube channels, we ask for a shout out in a video or social media post. For websites, we ask for a blog post or site advertising. These should be easily visible from the page. Let us know if you need assistance with logo graphics.

**The Neighborhood**

A friendly and active community focused around making close friends, playing games,
talking about life and just hanging out with people in a community of awesome people from all over the world.

`-` Regular Events
`-` Active and Friendly Community
`-` Custom Bot and Fun interactions
`-` Active Text and Voice Channels for Venting, Gaming, Arts, Media, etc.
`-` and much more….

Join now and find new friends!

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Step Two

Fill out this form and provide us with a non-expiring invite link.

Step Three