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We have a property protection system on minecraft to allow users some security from griefing. You have to be a Friendly Neighbor to claim land. First step is to identify your property line for other to be able to see. This will prevent others from encroaching on your area accidentally with their claims. You need some sort of pillar marker, the design is ultimately up to you, but it should be easy to find and recognize. Once you have marked 4 corners of a rectangle shaped plot, get the coordinates for at least 2  opposite pillars and fill out the form below. Here are some things to know about the claim.

By default, claims are protected against creepers and tnt use. We also turn off fall damage on claimed property to help with complex building.Your claim will extend from 40 x height up to 255. This will allow for interconnected tunnels below 40 and long railways.

  • XYZ 
    Please identify at least 2 pillars to be easily located.
  • Anyone you team with who you want to have build / destroy access.
  • Used to display when people enter the area.